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Amateur Radio

We are licensed as K1XM and KQ1F, and have operated from countries around the world.

1985 HC8X, HC1/K1XM, HC8/K1XM, HC8/KQ1F Galapagos, Ecuador
1986 HC8A, K1XM/HC8 Galapagos
1987 KC6MX, KC6IF Palau, Micronesia
1987 PJ2X, PJ2/K1XM Curaçao
1988 PJ2X, PJ2/K1XM Curaçao
1989 V63YP, V63CR, KC6MX, KC6IF, KC6AA, P29VPY, P29VCR Yap, Palau, Papua New Guinea
1990 ZF2PR, ZF2PQ Little Cayman
1991 A35MX, A35CP, 3D2PR, 3D2IF Tonga, Fiji
1992 PJ7/K1XM, PJ7/KQ1F Sint Maarten
1992 S79S Seychelles
1993 HS0AC, HS0/K1XM, HS0/KQ1F Thailand
1994 J77J, J79XM, J79YL Dominica
1995 A61AF, A47RS UAE, Oman
1996 J39A, J38AB, J38AE Grenada
1997 9M6TCR, 9M6TPR Sabah, Malaysia and Spratly Islands
1997 J39A, J38AB, J38AE Grenada
1998 V63X, V63HC, V63YP Micronesia
1999 H44MX, H44YL Solomon Islands
2000 P29VCR, P29VPY Papua New Guinea
2001 5H1X, 5H1F Tanzania
2002 6Y9X, 6Y5/K1XM Jamaica
2002 S9MX, S9CR Sao Tome and Principe
2003 V31QQ, V31XM Belize
2003 5I3A Tanzania
2003 VP9I, VP9/K1XM Bermuda
2004 VP9I, K1XM/VP9, KQ1F/VP9 Bermuda
2005 K1XM/V5, KQ1F/V5 Namibia
2005 VP9I, K1XM/VP9 Bermuda
2006 VP9I, K1XM/VP9 Bermuda
2006 6V7D Senegal
2007 PJ7/K1XM, FS/K1XM Sint Maarten, Saint Martin
2007 6V7D, 6V7H Senegal
2008 TO4X, PJ7/K1XM Saint Martin
2009 FS/K1XM Saint Martin
2009 JY6ZZ, JY6HQ Jordan
2010 PJ5/K1XM, PJ7/K1XM Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten
2010 VP2E/K1XM, VP2E/KQ1F Anguilla
2011 6Y9X, 6Y5/K1XM Jamaica
2011 PJ4A, PJ4/K1XM Bonaire
2012 6Y5/KQ1F. 6Y5/K1XM, 6Y9X Jamaica
2012 PJ4A, PJ4/K1XM Bonaire
2013 PJ4A, PJ4/K1XM Bonaire
2014 4X0W Israel
2015 6Y9X, 6Y5/K1XM Jamaica
2015 ED8X Tenerife
2016 6Y9X, 6Y5/K1XM Jamaica
2017 HQ9X, HR9/K1XM Roatan, Honduras
2018 HQ9X, K1XM/HR9 Roatan, Honduras
2018 VC3S Ontario
2018 KL7RA, K1XM/KL7 Alaska
2018 YB9/K1XM Bali, Indonesia
2019 VY1AAA Yukon
2019 HQ9X Roatan
2019 KL7RA Alaska
2019 HC5DX Ecuador
2020 HQ9X Roatan
2020 HC5DX Ecuador
2021 ZF1A Grand Cayman
2022 4X7R Israel
2022 HQ9X Roatan
2023 XM3A Ontario, Canada
2023 HQ9X Roatan

We have several multi-projector, digital, and YouTube slide shows of our trips. We have the equipment to show them. If you are a club within driving distance contact us if you need a speaker.

We are members of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club.

Paul's amateur radio homebrew projects are at http://www.k1xm.org.

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