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The Republic of Fiji is in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean. Its capital is Suva, on Viti Levu island. Most of the islands are extinct volcanos. The name "Fiji" comes from the name of the main island, Viti Levu, based on how it is pronounced by the people of Tonga.

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We visited Fiji in 1991, staying on Matagi and Taveuni Islands.

Taveuni is Fiji's third-largest island, a massive shield volcano east of Vanua Levu across the Somosomo Strait. It is known for its waterfalls and for scuba diving.

hill rainforest mountains coconut palms hilltop view waterfall

Qamea is a small hilly island east of Taveuni. It is known for indigenous fauna because the mongoose was never introduced there. There are six small villages on Qamea.

village village

Matagi is a small horseshoe-shaped volcanic island north of Qamea.

bure trail view from hill

Diving Fiji:

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