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Slide Show Assistance

One thing that makes the professionals' slide shows look better is that they have better equipment. We decided to try and fix this for our own shows. As a result, we own a bunch of equipment, some of which could be used to improve your slide shows too. This maters less when your production is done digitally.

Special Slides

We used to have several film recorders, devices which make slides from computer files. We could make title slides, alignment slides, custom maps, and manipulated photographs.

We no longer own this equipment, but we have a lot of documentation on it and a lot of knowledge about it, if you need help.


Most of our equipment was bought used. Along the way we've found a few good sources for projectors, dissolves, and accessories.

If you live in the Massachusetts area we have some loaner equipment, enough for you to make a two projector show.


If you don't know one projector from another, or need information on dissolves, check these papers which were originally written for the underwater photography list.

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Last modified 2 September 2023