Sao Tome e Principe Photo Gallery

We traveled to Sao Tome e Principe, the smallest country in Africa, for the CQ WW CW ham radio contest in November, 200.

We startted our visit on Principe.

local house colonial house colonial house Portuguese tile Portuguese tile town town center jungle dirt road colonial house elaborate wall and gate children boys coastline coastline coastline mountains colonial wall and gate

We operated the ham radio contest from Principe.

Paul with vertical Paul operating

Diving Principe:

After the contest we flew over to Sao Tome. Paul did some ham radio operating from there as well, only on the WARC bands.

town basalt coast canoes landscape rocky beach canoeist tunnel basalt columnscolonial building colonial estate boy surfing on raft damaged bridgecoastal village fishing village volcanic mountain boys boys girl waterfall volcanic plug girl washing laundry at pump

We also visited the impressive Voice of America relay station.

transmitters soda water resistor generators transmitter station switching network switching network transmitters

curtain antennas antennas and dishes matching sections curtain arrays

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