Tanzania Photo Gallery

We visited Tanzania in November and December, 2001.

Our trip started with a 17 day safari through northern Tanzania, including:

Then we went to Pemba where we stayed at Fundu Lagoon and on the M.V. Kisiwani.

We spent a day in Zanzibar.

And we ended the trip with a four day safari in the Selous Conservation Area in the south.

We returned to Tanzania in October of 2003 for a short visit to Mahale Mountains and Ruaha National Parks.

Our primary travel agent for this trip was Aqua Fauna , who we use for most of our travel.

The African safaris were arranged through Cape to Cairo.

For more information on where we went, where we stayed, and what we did click here.

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Lion Cubs Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, other cats

Foxes at Play Hunting Dog, Fox, Jackal, Hyena

Baboon with Baby Monkeys and Baboons

Impala Antelope

Hippo in water Hippo and Warthog

Zebra in Grass Wildebeest and Zebra

Elephant Elephant, Hyrax, and Buffalo

Rhino with Birds Giraffe and Rhino

Banded Mongoose Mongoose and Rodents

Monitor Lizard Reptiles

Dragonfly Insects

Red-billed Hornbill Large Field Birds

Red-and-yellow Barbet Small Field Birds

Pelicans Large Water Birds

Egyptian Goose Small Water Birds

Fish Eagle Hawks, Eagles, and Friends

Lilac-breasted Roller Kingfishers, Rollers, and Bee-eaters

Yellow-billed Stork Storks, Herons, and Ibises

White-backed Vulture Vultures


Underwater Wide-angle

Nudibranchs and Flatworms

Other underwater animals

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