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We traveled to Newfoundland over Labor Day, 2008, to hike in Gros Morne National Park. Established in 1973, the 700 square mile park lies halfway up Newfoundland's west coast along the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. From the 1.25 million year old Long Range Mountains, peat bogs and fens extend to the coastal lowlands.

Hiking trails, in the order we traversed them:

Lomond: looking north across the east arm of Bonne Bay fjord toward Killdevil Mountain.

Lomond Bonne Bay Long Range Mountains dock and Killdevil Mountain

Tablelands: Serpentine barrens, a barren plateau of 500-million year old peridotite sedimentary ocean floor rocks, thrust upward by the tectonic plate collision that raised the Long Range Mountains. Pitcher plants are common here. They are Newfoundland's provincial flower.

layered mountain mountain mountain slope escarpment hills waterfall stream and hills

pitcher plants flowers

Trout River: fishing village at the south end of Gros Morne. A local weddding was going on, and the two little girls were the flower girls.

flower girls flower girl coastal bluff

Lookout Hills: Looking north across Bonne Bay fjord and the Long Range Mountains towards Norris Point. This trail goes up a forrested hillside to the wet meadow and barrens of the plateau. A boardwalk continues to the summit of Partridgeberry Hill and a view of Bonne Bay and the Tablelands.

Paul hiking up

Bonne Bay mountains mountains and stunted trees Paul on the boardwalk Bonne Bay fjord view from Lookout Hills fen at the top Charlotte on the boardwalk mountains and stunted trees

Berry Hill: A 60-meter rock knob that was an island during high sea levels just after the last ice age.

view looking west view of hills view of pond view of town view of road view of pond

Berry Head Pond: trail encircling the pond through forest and bogs, a lot of it as a boardwalk.

boardwalk clouds in front of mountain pond

Western Brook Pond: a land-locked fjord accessed by a trail through coastal bogs and low limestone ridges over gentle terrain (frequented by moose) and boardwalks, to a boat that goes up into the fjord past 2000' granite and gneiss cliffs.

coastal bog moose Paul on boardwalk red squirrel entrance to fjord boat on landlocked fjord people on boat entrance to fjord fjord cliff fjord cliffs end of fjord cliffs cliffs fjord

blue denim waterfall cliff cliffs

Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse: paths along the shoreline and along coastal cliffs at the approach to Bonne Bay and Rocky Harbor.

lighthouse view from lighthouse shore below lighthouse shore below lighthouse view from lighthouse cormorants Lobster Cove Head shore below lighthouse rocks

lighthouse flags

Fishing and lobstering along the coast

fishing camp Paul photographing lobster pots rocky coast lobstering camp fishing boats

S. S. Ethie: A coastal steamer wrecked near Martin's Point.

wreckage wreckage Paul photographing shipwreck shipwreck

The Arches Provincial Park: tilted limestone rock layers eroded into sea arches.

arch arches arches inside arches

Rocky Harbor: main village of Gros Morne National Park, on the north side of Bonne Bay fjord.

Rocky Harbor boats at dock boats view of shoreline view of shoreline headland moose at the convenience store

Southeast Brook Falls: short trail through fir woods to the top of the waterfalls.

trail falls falls

Mattie Mitchell: short interpretive trail telling the story of Mattie Mitchell and the Mi'kmaq in Newfoundland. Mattie Mitchell was a renowned Mi'kmaq hunter, guide, and prospector, instrumental in the exploration and mapping of the northern peninsula of Newfoundland.

Mattie Mitchell sign

cliff cliff stream snail

We returned to Newfoundland over Memorial Day Weekend 2016 to the Avalon Peninsula and Bonavista.

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