Northwest Territories

In August of 1999, Charlotte traveled from Yellowknife to the headwaters of the Thelon River at Whitefish Lake to photograph the fall migration of the barren ground caribou. This was arranged through Great Canadian Ecoventures (now defunct after the death of its owner).

floatplane on Great Slave Lake aerial view of an esker tundra lichens black spruce trees on esker aurora over camp spear points inukshuk

Barrenground caribou, Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus

caribou on a ridge caribou on a ridge caribou on the tundra caribou at Whitefish Lake

Cross fox, Vulpes vulpes (same species as a red fox)

arctic cross fox (black phase) arctic cross fox arctic cross fox kits at their den

Arctic ground squirrel (sicsic), Spermophilus (Urocitellus) parryii

sic-sic (arctic ground squirrel) sic-sic (arctic ground squirrel)

Wolverine, Gulo gulo


Musk oxen, Ovibos moschatus

musk oxen musk oxen

Arctic hare, Lepus articus

arctic hare

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