St. Vincent Photo Gallery

We visited St. Vincent in December 2006 primarily to photograph macro underwater life. While the island also has beautiful walls and reefs, it is the critter capital of the Caribbean. This was our friend Rebecca's first chance to branch out from doing our sound tracks to doing her own photography. We dived with Dive St. Vincent and rented two adjacent apartments at Rosewood Apartments.

We are uncertain about the species identification of some of the animals pictured here. If you can identify or correct our identification of an animal shown on one of the gallery pages, please email us and we will update the information.

Nudibranchs Hermit crabs Isopods
Hydroids, anemones, comb jellies Octopus Mollusks
Worms Echinoderms Algae
Seahorses Boxfish and trunkfish Eels
Flounders Pipefish Batfish
File and trigger fish Pikeblennies Puffers
Blennies Wrasses Gobies
Jawfish Butterfly and angel fish Spotted drums
Scorpionfish Other fish Topside

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