Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, Labor Day weekend, 2010. We lost most of a day due to a hurricane, but enjoyed pleasant, if windy, weather for the rest of our visit.

boats hauled out for the hurricane storm clouds over the harbor storm-tossed trees red rock and waves red rock beach red beach red beach horses at pasture farm cows wind farm hay bales beach and lighthouse Paul on the boardwalk shoeing a horse at a lighthouse fishing harbor harbor shacks fishing harbor mussel boats boats at dock fishing harbor boat cloudscape clouds over red shore Paul photographing at the high tide line lighthouse beach dunes and sea lighthouse surf Paul on the beach gull Charlotte photographing gulls plover sand dunes dunes and beach boardwalk and clouds shore and clouds red cliffs clouds clouds over dunes red beach, cliff, clouds red beach and cliff red beach, cliff, and clouds couple relaxing on red beach Charlotte walking up the beach Charlotte on rock

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