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Who are we?

Mermaid Underwater Photographic is actually Charlotte L. Richardson and Paul Young.

We started diving and photographing underwater in 1987.
We produced our first underwater slide show in 1988, starting with one projector, then moving to two and eventually three projectors.

We got involved with digital imaging, originally as a way to make title slides. Eventually we started editing images. Now we have a film recorder and a slide scanner.

We like to see other people's underwater slide shows. So we are doing what we can to encourage and to help people to make underwater slide shows.

Our friends asked us why there were so few pictures on our website. So we started adding photo galleries. We will be adding more when we have time.

We are also amateur radio operators (and we combine amateur radio and dive travel) and avid folk dancers. Charlotte also flies a small airplane.

 Charlotte diving

 Paul Diving



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Last modified 2 September 2023