Pemba Wide-Angle


Pemba is East of mainland Tanzania, north of Zanzibar and Mafia Islands. It is separated from the mainland by the Pemba Channel. Most of the diving is done on the West side. The East side is open to the Indian Ocean and has few protected anchorages.

Pemba West Coast

Corallimorphs Anemone and clownfish Soft coral Feather Hydroids African catfish Rope sponges Coral and anthias

Painted spiny lobster, Panulirus versicolor


The fauna of the West coast of Pemba seemed to us to be pretty typical of Indian Ocean tropical life.

Pemba East Coast

Soft coral Grape algae Octocoral White coral heads Peach sponges Grouper under overhang Plate coral Fishing boat wreck

The East coast was surprisingly different. The coral was predominantly gray or white. There was a lot of faintly purple soft coral and this weird green grape algae. The peach colored sponges were by far the most common.

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