Wildebeest and Zebra 

Wildebeests and zebras often travel together as they migrate

Wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus albojubatus)

Scratching Herd Many Crossing the road Close-up

The wildebeests were migrating south when we were in the Serengeti. We saw tens of thousands of them.

Brindled Gnu (Connochaetes taurinus taurinus)

Two Leaving

The wildebeests in the Selous are a different subspecies.

Zebra (Equus quagga)

Northern pattern Close-up Three Head shot

We saw thousands of zebra. They were common in the north and in the south. These are from the north.

Half-dozen Three Looking suspicious

These are from Selous. They are the same species but the stripe pattern is a bit different.

zebras dust bath one zebra herd in Ruaha

And these are in Ruaha.

Looking at us On the plain

In the Serengeti wildebeests and zebras migrate together. 

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