Other Places

 There are many places to visit in Belize.

Rio On

Rio On

We stopped at this waterfall on our way to Caracol.

Rio Frio

Looking In The Beach Looking out

We stopped at Rio Frio (Cold River) on the way back from Caracol. There is a cave with a beach inside! It is fairly dark in the cave - the photo of the beach was a long exposure.


Big head Artist at work

We visited a souvenir shop where an artist was carving stone.


Fruit vendor Bags Peppers In the market Girl with umbrella Vegetable stand

We spent some time at the market in Benque Viejo.

Mopan River Resort

This is where we stayed for most of our land touring, including Caracol, Xunantunich, Chechem Ha, Tikal, and the places on this page. The photos show our cabin, the dining room, and some local children playing in the river.

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