Chechem Ha

 Mayan pottery was discovered in a cave called Chechem Ha.


Antonio Morales discovered the cave on his family property. He was our guide.

After a moderate walk up the hill, we arrived at the cave. We each had a flashlight.

Two pots Many pots

The cave is known for the many Mayan pots.

Stalactites growing from the ceiling Stalactites above close-up

In some areas of the cave we saw stalactites. These form as water, carrying limestone, drips down from the ceiling. The water is still flowing, as seen in the close-up. So these stalactites are getting bigger.

climbing down The path crawling through clowning around

We climbed down into the lower cave. There are no pots here. Some of our group climbed through some holes into adjacent areas and checked out the limestone formations.

The exit

This is the view at the cave entrance, looking out.

There were a few animals in the cave. We photographed a few - check our animals page.

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