Caracol is a very large Mayan ruin, bigger than Tikal. It is being excavated. See for details on the project.


Sign Digging Colored strings Limestone cement The plans Shelves Sorting

The construction work is extensive. Some areas are under covered tarps.


Big temple

This temple is the tallest building in Belize.

Ruins Temple Guide showing details Guide showing frieze Frieze details

Carving Circular carving

Several temples are being excavated and reconstructed. The friezes are duplicates of the originals but are made from modern materials.


This is what a temple looks like before it is excvated and rebuilt.


And here is a rebuilt building in front of one where excavation has just been started.

Paul with big lens

Paul carried the big lens and tripod to the top of one of the temples.

Climbing down

Charlotte is walking carefully down the stairs. Notice that no two steps are the same height.

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