Grunts, damselfish, and chromis


White grunt, Haemulon plumierii

white grunt, with female princess parrotfish

Cottonwick, Haemulon melanurum

cottonwick grunt

Smallmouth grunt, Haemulon chrysargyreum

smallmouth grunt

Spanish grunt, Haemulon macrostomum

Spanish grunt

Blue-striped grunt, Haemulon sciurus

blue-striped grunts

They really do make a grunting noise.


Yellowtail damselfish, Microspathodon chrysurus

yellowtail damselfish

Bicolor damselfish, Stegastes partitus

bicolored damselfish

Damselfish are small but pugnacious.

Brown Chromis, Chromis multilineata

brown chromis

Found in huge schools.

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