Skuas and Caracaras


A cross between a gull and a hawk, skuas nest on the edges of penguin colonies. They have webbed feet with strong talons and a sharp, strong hooked beak. Skuas eat carrion, kill unwary or unguarded penguin chicks, and steal regurgitated food being delivered by adult penguins. They are bold and territorial.

Falklands (Brown or Sub-Antarctic) skua (Catharacta lonnbergi)

Falklands skua skua nest, New Island on New Island

South polar skua (Catharacta maccormicki)

south polar skua

The south polar skua is the only bird to have been sighted at the south pole itself. There are several color morphs.

Striated Caracara (Johnny Rook) (Phalcobaenus australis)

Johnny rook (juvenile caracara) striated caracara, New Island caracara mischief

Bold, mischievous, hawk-like bird of the Falklands. Johnny rooks are inquisitive and quite tame.

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