St. Croix Corals

Brain coral (polyps), Diploria sp.

brain coral

Cup coral

cup coral

Lobed boulder star coral, Montastrea annularis

finger coral finger coral

Sea plumes, Pseudopterogorgia sp.

sea plumes

Great star coral, Montastrea cavemosa

great star coral

Star coral, Montastrea sp.

star coral

Massive starlet coral, Siderastrea siderea

massive starlet coral

Cup coral (polyp)

cup coral

Sea whips, Pseudogorgia sp.

sea rods

Common sea fan, Gorgonia ventalina

common sea fan

Pillar coral, Dendrogyra cylindrus

pillar coral

Yellow pencil coral, Madracis mirabilis

yellow pencil coral

Spiny flower coral, Mussa angulosa

spiny flower coral

Lowridge cactus coral, Mycetophyllia danaana

Lowridge cactus coral

Pencil coral corallites, Madracis mirabilis


Solitary Disk Coral, Scolymia sp.

disk coral

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