Petite Côte

The Petite Côte (Small Coast) area lies a two hour drive south of Dakar.

The village of La Somone, where we stayed, is just north of the major package-tourist area (domaine touristique) at Saly-Portugal.

white butterfly locust baobab trees

Jan-François (6W7RV) and Corrine Lorne own a rent-a-QTH in La Somone called Le Calao (Hornbill) with four efficiency apartments, a ham radio station, a pool, and two cats.

Paul at the gate pool antennas and power lines Paul and JF in the shack Charlotte operating as 6V7H Paul operating the CQ WW CW as 6V7D

tower vertical antenna antennas over the shack antenna farm main tower antenna

JF is an avid bird-watcher.

whydah?? whydah?? whydah?? whydahs?? yellow-fronted canary yellow-fronted canary African mourning dove male red-cheeked cordon bleu olive-bellied sunbird

Corrine is a gardener.

bougainvilliea flowers along the wall spider in garden green chameleon gecko lizard

The Réserve de la Somone, a community-owned bird sanctuary, includes the lagoon between La Somone and Popenguine, the next village to the north. It is home to 150 species of birds, especially ospreys and grey pelicans. JF came along on our visit there.

fiddlr crabs woman clamming white egret terns terns osprey flying osprey taking off osprey standing in water osprey osprey grey heron flying great cormorants whimbrel? ?? whimbrel?? grey (pink-backed) pelican grey (pink-backed) pelican flying grey (pink-backed) pelican flying grep (pink-backed) pelican flying

grey heron grey heron taking off osprey

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