Réserve de Bandia

This small well-run wildlife reserve is off the main road from Dakar to Mbour not far from La Somone. It has both indigenous birds and animals native to Senegal such as antelopes, warthogs, and monkeys, and animals from Southern and East Africa such as white rhinos and giraffes.

warthog warthogs white rhinos roan antelope eland kob antelope black-faced impalas

white rhino closeup roan antelope closeup giraffe family giraffe closeup giraffe portrait callithrix monkey

spur-winged plover red-billed hornbill pied kingfishers woodland kingfisher white egret osprey bronze-tailed glossy starling long-tailed glossy starling rose-ringed parakeets Senegal parrot immature long-tailed cormorant

grey heron grey heron black-crowned heron black-winged stilt Wahlberg's eagle immature long-tailed cormorant green wood hoopoe pied kingfisher

It also has a giant baobab tree that was used for traditional griot (minstrel) burials.

baobab tree used for griot burials griot burials griot burial skulls

Bandia even has a restaurant which serves good wood-fired pizzas, overlooking a pond that attracts many species of native birds and reptiles.

monitor lizard crocodile

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