Walrus Island Birds

Thousands of sea birds nest on Round Island during the sub-arctic summer.

bird colony

Horned puffins, Fratercula corniculata, are found on rocks near the top of a cliff.

one puffin flapping its wings two puffins puffin greeting cozy rock ledge puffin pair on a ledge

Tufted puffins, Fratercula cirrhata, nest in burrows at the top of cliffs.

tufted puffin tufted puffin at nest burrow tufted puffins at nest burrow tufted puffins at nest burrow

Kittiwakes and murres nest lower on the cliffs.
Black-legged kittiwakes, Rissa tridactyla, build nests of dead grasses.

kittiwake and murre colony red-legged kittiwakes (juvenile) black-legged kittiwakes black-legged kittiwake

Common murres, Uria aalge, lay their sharp pointed eggs on bare rocks.

murres on Black Rock common murres at Observation Point common murres at Observation Point

Parrakeet auklets, Aethia psittacula

parrakeet auklets parrakeet auklet

Double-crested cormorants, Phalacrocorax auritus, roost just above the waves.

cormorant colony

Glaucous gull, Larus hyperboreus

glaucous gull

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