Lake Clark National Park

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is one hundred miles southwest of Anchorage. It covers 5625 square miles of the Alaska Range and the Aleutian Range, including the Mt. Iliamna and Mt. Redoubt active volcanoes.

Bush flight from Soldotna across the Cook Inlet to Lake Clark National Park.

Cessna Cessna panel crossing the Cook Inlet braided river stream cliffs braided river river shoreline river island

Landing on the gravel beach at low tide.

approach to the beach approach to the beach touching down

Bear camp, surrounded by an electric fence.

bear camp bears in the meadow

Brown (grizzly) bears, Ursus arctos:

bear bear bear bear bear bear bear digging for clams bear closeup bear closeup mother bear and cubs bear mother bear and cub bear bear and cub bear and cub two bears cub mother bear and cub

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