Pima Photo Gallery

The Pima Air and Space Museum is near Tucson, just south of Davis Monthan Air Force Base. It houses one of the largest collections of historic aircraft in the world.

area 51

The indoor hangars include a really-unsafe-looking personal backpack helicopter (the "hopicopter"), an SR-71 Blackbird, many WW II planes including a B-17 Flying Fortress in the 390th Memorial Museum building, and amphibious planes.

hopicopter inside hangar SR-71 Blackbird B17 B17 interior warbird warbird warbird flying boat flying boat

Outdoors are many military planes including a Harrier, planes used as Air Force 1, and several NASA planes including the "Vomit Comet":

Harrier outdoor exhibits Blue Angels turboprop plane prop plane prop plane the "vomit comet" plane Air Force 1 plane plane warbird warbird plane plane warbird flying crane

NASA cargo transport planes, including the "Super Guppy":

cargo transport plane cargo transport plane Super Guppy Super Guppy

More amphibious planes in the outdoor exhibits area:

flying boat flying boat

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