Mona Passage Photo Gallery

The Mona Passage separates the west coast of Puerto Rico from Mona, Monita, and Desecheo Islands, and Hispaniola.

Topside views:

island dive masters island

Underwater scenery:

finger coral sea fan with flamingo tongues divemaster Paul with macro rig condylactus anemone and sea fan sea fan and flamingo tongues sponges barrel sponge

Fish portraits:

Horse-eye jack, Caranx latus

horse-eyed jacks

Creole wrasse, Clepticus parrae

creole wrasses

Great barracuda, Sphyraena barracuda

great barracuda

Nurse shark, Ginglymostoma cirratum

nurse shark

Yellow stingray, Urolophus jamaicensis

yellow stingray

Bicolor damselfish, Stegcastes partitus

bicolor damsellfish pair

Longsnout butterflyfish, Chaetodon oculeatus

longsnount butterfly fish

Foureye butterflyfish, Chaetodon capistratus

four-eyed butterfly

Peacock flounder, Bothus lunatus

peacock flounder

Black durgon, Melichthys niger

black durgon

Coney, Cephalopholis fulva (two color variations)

coney bicolor coney

Rock Beauty, Holacanthus tricolor

rock beauty

Ocean surgeonfish, Acanthurus bahianus

ocean surgeonfish

Barred hamlet, Hypoplectrus puella

barred hamlet

Cleaning goby, Elacatinus genie

goby on star coral

Yellowhead jawfish, Opistognathus aurifrons

yellow-headed jawfish and burrow

Squirrelfish, Holocentrus adscensionis



Social feather duster, Bispira brunnea (two color variations)

social feather duster worms social feather duster worms

Variegated feather duster, Bispira variegata

split-crown feather duster worms

Black-spotted nudibranch, Phyllidiopsis papilligera

black-spotted nudibranch

Yellowline arrow crab, Stenorhynchus seticornis

arrow crab

Flamingo tongue, Cyphoma gibbosum

flamingo tongues

flower coral and arrow crab


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