Philippines Photo Gallery: Taal Lake

We took an underwater photography trip to the Philippines in December 2016. We visited Taal Lake on New Year's Day after the dive trip before flying home.

Taal Lake is a freshwater lake on Luzon Island, filling the Taal Caldera. It is the Philippines's third largest lake. Volcano Island, in the center of the lake, is the location of the Taal Volcano's historic eruptions. Most of Volcano Island emerged from the lake during the violent 1911 eruption, which killed hundreds of people. Volcano Island has its own small crater lake, with its own small island, Vulcan Point. Taal Volcano National Park was created in 1967.

Taal Lake volcano Island Taal Lake Volcano Island

Taal Lake was originally an inlet of Balayan Bay. An eruption in 1954 blocked the lake's outlet to the sea. Since that time the lake level has risen five meters above sea level and the once-saline waters have become fresh water from rain. The lake is home to many endemic species that have adapted to its desalinization, including a rare freshwater sea snake. Fish farms also raise tilapia. The Phlippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology monitoring station keeps watch on the very-active volcano. The most recent eruption was on January 12, 2020.

Taal Lake fishing boats fish pens fish farms fish harvest fish pens fish pens fish pen fish harvest fish pens rice paddies

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