Swakopmund coastal plain


This German colonial town on the coast is surrounded by the dunes of the Namib Desert.


Macro photography

We hired Stuart Hebbard, of the Snake Park in Swakopmund, for a day of macro photography of geckos, snakes, spiders, chameleons, and scorpions in the desert around Swakopmund. He brought some of the less common animals from his exhibits and caught the more common subjects for us on location. His knowledge and help were invaluable both for finding the animals and for keeping them in position for photography, since most of them are very small.

photographing snakes

common tiger snake Namib sand snake western keeled snake puff adder horned adder sidewinder

Namaqua chameleon

common Namib day gecko thick-toed gecko palmato gecko Carp's barking gecko Bradfield's Namib day gecko

white lady spider


yellow scorpion black scorpion

plover eggs

Yellow dune field

Before returning to town, Stuart drove us around the yellow dune fields. Different mineral contents makes this area yellow sand rather than the red sand of Sossusvlei. Quad bikes are popular on the dunes.

Swapkomund dunes quad bike

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