Namibian tiger snake (Telescopus polystitus)

These slender snakes are nocturnal, so their eyes are huge. Their venom is harmless to people.

common tiger snake common tiger snake

Namib (Western) sand snake (Psammophis trigrammus)

These harmless snakes eat rodents and lizards.

Namib sand snake Namib sand snake

Western keeled snake (Pythonodipsas carinata)

This nocturnal snake looks a lot like a horned adder, but it is nonpoisonous.

western keeled snake western keeled snake western keeled snake western keeled snake

Puff adder (Bitis arietans)

Puff adders are thick, sluggish, common, and extremely poisonous. They move by rippling, like a caterpillar, in a straight line.

puff adder puff adder puff adder

Horned adder (Bitis caudalis)

Horned adders are short and thick, and usually have a small horn above each eye. Their colors vary. They are common. They are poisonous but their venom is mild.

horned adder horned adder

Sidewinder (Peringuey's Adder) (Bitis peringueyi)

This very small adder sidewinds to move quickly on sand dunes. Their venom is mild. They prefer to live in fine, wind-blown sand, and are endangered.

sidewinder sidewinder sidewinder

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