Herero people

The Herero, a Bantu people, are mostly herders. The women's dress is derived from what early German missionaries's wives considered proper. The "horns" on the hats represent cattle horns. The infant girl is too young to be dressed this way. Her mother, in the red dress, sews clothing (and dolls for tourists) on an antique hand-cranked Singer sewing machine.

Herero woman Herero child Herero woman Herero woman wearing hat hand-crank sewing machine

Damaraland sights

Damarland has high mountains and seasonal river beds with acacia trees.

basalt intrusion setting up tent donkey cart in sand river kopje

Flora and fauna


Welwitschia plants, ancient wind-pollinated conifers with two leaves, on an arid plain.

rock hyrax Boulton's Namib day gecko skull of African wild cat oryx

A rock hyrax (dassie) (Procavia capensis), day gecko, the skull of an African wild cat (Felis sylvestris), and an oryx (Oryx gazella) show that Damarland is not as barren as it appears.

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