Okonjima and Africat

Okonjima is the home of the Africat Foundation as well as a beautiful lodge.


Dry grasslands near the lodge host huge numbers of oryxes. The extensive enclosures where cheetahs and leopards are housed are mostly dry woodlands.

oryxes termite mound


One enclosure houses several lions that are accustomed to humans.

lions lion


The acclimated leopards are radio-collared, which makes them only slightly easier to locate. The collared female at the far right and her cub had taken an eland calf, large prey for a leopard. At least she has learned to hunt for herself rather than depending on handouts.

leopard sign radio-tracking leopards leopard cub leopard


Human-adapted cheetahs cannot be released into the wild, and are housed in large enclosures. This one has five animals.

cheetahs on the road cheetah cheetah snarling cheetah cheetah portrait

Other animals

Okonjima also has giraffes and elands...

mouse giraffe elands elands


... and a huge variety of birds.

crimson-breasted bush shrike yellow canary scaly-feathered finch scaly-feathered finch golden-breasted bunting pied barbet African masked weaver African red-eyed bulbul house sparrow female melba finch male melba finch unknown bird feral pigeon

Nocturnal animals

The night hide allowed us to photograph African porcupines and ratels.

African porcupine ratel

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