Etosha National Park: Okaukuejo

This camp at the western end of the accessible part of Etosha has a waterhole that is well-known for the diversity and sheer numbers of animals that come in to drink at different times of day and night.

Okaukuejo water hole

Okaukuejo water hole at dusk Okaukuejo water hole Okaukuejo water hole

Bird life

There were many species of raptors around the waterholes in western Etosha. We were particularly happy to be able to get good photographs of the bateleur eagle. There are very few vultures anywhere in Namibia.

pale-winged starling black crow

female ostrich male ostrich

laughing dove Namaqua dove


giant eagle owl

Kori bustard Kori bustard displaying

female white-winged black korhaan male white-winged black korhaan

male bateleur eagle

African white-backed vulture

southern yellow-billed hornbill

helmeted guineafowl

Animal life

oryx calf oryxes

elephant elephants and lioness

red hartebeests female steenbok male greater kudu kudus at water hole female black-faced impala male black-faced impala

giraffe drinking

zebra and colt

black rhinos at water hole

mating lions

ground squirrels

tree monitor lizard

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