Adult echinoderms have five-point radial symmetry and include sea stars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers. They are the largest phylum that has no freshwater or terrestrial (land-based) representatives.

Sea stars

Cushion star, Culcita novaeguineae

cushion star ushion star

Granulated sea star, Choriaster granulatus

sea star

Galathea sea star, Nardoa galatheae

sea star sea star sea star

Linckia sea star, Linckia multifora

sea star

Indian sea star, Fromia indica

Noduled sea star, Fromia nodosa

sea star

Red-spined brittle star, Ophiothrix purpurea

brittle star

Sea cucumbers

Pinkish sea cucumber, Holothuria edulis

Black-spotted sea cucumber, Pearsonothuria graeffei

sea cucumber sea cucumber


crinoid crinoid

Black & white feather star, Cenometra bella

crinoid crinoid crinoid


Grinding sea urchin, Echinostrephus molaris

Blue-black sea urchin, Echinothrix diadema

sea urchin sea urchin sea urchin

sea urchin


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