Madagascar Photo Gallery: Manafiafy

Manafiafy is a fishing village in Sainte-Luce, a fokontany (subdistrict or locality) in the District of Fort-Dauphin, Amosy Region, Madagascar, about 40km (two and a half hours' drive) from Ft. Dauphin. The Manafiafy Forest (Sainte Luce Reserve), a rare stand of litoral rainforest, is home to five lemur species: collared brown lemur, woolly lemur, brown mouse lemur, dwarf lemur, and sportive lemur (which we saw but were unable to photograph).

Manafiafy Beach and Rainforest Lodge:

The lodge has five private bungalows on the beach constructed of local stones and mangrove poles with thatched roofs. The bungalows have solar hot water and solar electrical power.

beach boat on beach turtle rock deck carvings deck bungalow view view


The littoral rainforest is home to several lemur species.

forest forest path Paul big lens mushrooms trail orchid palm walking through ferns


Early morning is a good time to scout for birds in the mangroves.

mangroves mangroves mangroves

Local women net fish using worn-out bed netting.

woman fishing woman fishing woman fishing women fishing woman fishing woman fishing woman fishing woman fishing women fishing women fishing

Stitch Sainte-Luce:

Founded by an aid worker to provide creative work for the village women.

sign patterns iPad cases women sewing eyeglass cases iPad case bracelets hand sewing machine embroidering

Manafiafy fishing village:

little boy children food stand people street village fishing boats fish fishing boats boat landing boat landing boats on the beach children child boat being hauled out sailing boat

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