Madagascar Photo Gallery: Mandrare River

The Mandrare River in the Amosy region of southeastern Madagascar flows into the Indian Ocean near Amboasary Sud. The Mandrare River Camp, where we stayed, is near the village of Ifotaka, about three and a half hours' drive from Ft. Dauphin. The river flows through the semi-arid Antandroy spiny forest region forming a deciduous gallery (riverine) forest. The sacred spiny forest area hosts the ornate tombs of the Antandroy ancestors. Lemur species found in the area are ring-tailed lemur, verreaux's sifaka, mouse lemur, and white-footed sportive lemur (which we saw but could not photograph).

Mandrare River Camp

Mandrare River Camp has six tents on the river bank, each with solar hot water and solar electrical power for lighting.

tent path sign Paul view from dining room staff solar hot water system dining tent view from tent


Ifotaka village dancers

dancers dancers dancers dancers dancers dancers dancer dancers

Drummer and singers:

Sisal plantation

The sisal is used to make a soft rope, used to tie up livestock. The big trucks that haul it really tear up the roads.

sisal plantation sisal flowering stalks rutted road plantation sisal sisal plantation

Spiny forest

Sacred spiny forest and tombs

The Antandroy people protect large pristine wildlife areas of spiny forest that are home to the ornate graves of the Antandroy ancestors. Sacred areas are marked by zebu horns.

tomb tomb decoration tomb tomb decoration tomb decoration tomb zebu horns Christian tomb tomb decoration tomb decoration zebu horns zebu horn

Riverine forest

Riverine (or gallery) forests are corriders along rivers or wetlands in landscapes that are otherwise dry. Ifotaka Community Forest protects sub-arid thorn thicket with some dry gallery woodland. It was established in 2006 as the south;s first protected area to involve local communities in its management. Its 20,000 hectares are managed rather than strictly protected. Mandrare River Lodge is at the southern end of the protected area.

sifaka sifaka forest forest Charlotte and ringtail ringtail ringtail ringtail sifaka Charlotte and sifaka

Mandrare River

At the beginning of the rainy season when we visited, the water level was just starting to rise in the river due to rains in the mountains.

river mud flats and river sunset at the river river sundowners zodiac dugout canoe


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