Madagascar Photo Gallery: Ankarana National Park

Ankarana Special Reserve is a small karst limestone plateau, about 5 km by 20 km, rising abruptly from the surrounding grassy plain in the region of Ambilobe. It is dominated by impressive tsingy formations. It is home to sixty species of reptiles and amphibians, 96 species of birds, 50 species of mollusks, and many snails.

Most of the tourist infrastructure is on the eastern side of the plateau, but we spent most of our time here on the less-accessible western side.

Iharana Bush Camp

sign lodge lodge lodge bungalow canoes hiking sign sign tsingy view across lake of tsingy tsingy at sunset sunset sunrise

There is an extensive subterranean cave system with underground rivers and at least sixteen species of bats.

cave cave formations Charlotte and guide in cave cave entrance column cave cave Charlotte in cave cave formations flow stone Paul and guide in cave formations columns Charlotte and guide in cave formations

bats boa spider cricket bat centipede crab scorpion spider

Ankarana west: Ankarana Special Reserve

tsingy view over valley tsingy tsingy tsingy tsingy rocks tsingy tsingy tsingy tsingy tsingy tsingy tsingy tsingy Paul Charlotte climbing tsingy tsingy tsingy tsingy

Night nature walk


green gecko gecko gecko gecko gecko gecko

dwarf chameleon dwarf chameleon chameleon chameleon

tree boa snake tree boa

Scop's owl

spider spider spider spider

grasshopper beetle damsel fly


Ankarana east: Ankarana National Park

sign car trail signs landscape male bird female bird bird dry riverbed flower insect crowned lemur crowned lemur chameleon tsingy sign tsingy rary tsingy closeup tsingy detail spider chameleon landscape

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