Jerash, Jordan, Photo Gallery

Northern Jordan is the biblical land of Gilead, a mountainous area drained by the Yarmouk and Zerqa (or Jabbok) Rivers, which flow into the Jordan River. This area was the Roman Decapolis of ten city-states on the boundary between Greek and Semitic lands. Jerash is one of the best-preserved Roman provincial cities in the Near East. In Greco-Roman times, it was called Gerasa.

Modern town of Jerash:

modern Jerash

Hadrian's Arch:

Hadrian's triumphal arch

Walls and South Gate:


The forum:

forum forum and ruins

Temple of Zeus:

Temple of Zeus

South theatre:

south theater costume of the Bedouin guards

Cardo Maximus (Collonaded Street):

ruins and modern city ruins and modern city columns cardo cardo

Nymph fountain:


Byzantine Churches:

mosaic tile floor cathedral

North theatre:

north theater

Temple of Artemis:

Temple of Artemis Temple of Artemis columns

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