Jamaica Photo Gallery: Black River

The second "extra" day we were stranded in Jamaica while we waited for a flight home after the hurricane, we went to the south coast of Jamaica to photograph American crocodiles on the Black River, crossing over the central mountains en route.

hibiscus and mountains egrets on rowboats

The river is rich in bird life, and even a few surviving manatees (which of course we did not see).

tour boat on the Black River egret roost Black River water hyacinths mangroves Black River

egret heron heron heron egret

We were here to photograph the American crocodiles, Crocodylus acutus. We used the crocodile jaw closeup for the 6Y9X QSL card front.

tour boat and crocodile crocodile crocodile crocodile jaws crocodile crocodile jaws crocodile closeup crocodile on land

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