View from the domed bell tower of the Jerusalem International YMCA Three Arches Hotel under threatening cloudl. The limestone building was designed by one of the architects of the Empire State Building and was dedicated in 1933.

bell tower slogan slogan

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Ramparts Walk south from the Jaffa Gate to the Dung Gate.

old city walls sign stairs stairs view west walkway view north Tower of David Yemin Moshe churches Jerusalem in the rain Mount of Olives ramparts

When we got to the Kotel, there were bar mitzvahs in progress out of sight in the Men's Quarter and their celebrations in the (co-ed) shelter out of the rain.

the Kotel Dome of the Rock bar mitzvah band bar mitzvah

By this time it was raining heavily, so we never did the northern part of the Ramparts Walk and simply headed back through the Old City to the YMCA.

Cardo church old city walls Old City street Armenian tile street sign


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