Iceland Loons (Divers) Photo Gallery

Red-throated diver (Gavia stellata), or red-throated loon, is a small, streamlined loon. They breed in marshy areas and it seemed like every little pond had a pair of these birds.

red-throated loon display red-throated loon taking off red-throated loon family red-throated loon in flight red-throated loon display red-throated loon chick red-throated loon red-throated loon and chick

Great northern diver (Gavia immer), or common loon, is a large, powerful loon, usually found on Iceland's highland lakes. Iceland is the only European nesting location of this primarily North American species.

common loon in environment common loon common loon display common loon common loon on nest

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Last modified 20 August 2008