Iceland Guillemot (Murre) Photo Gallery

Black guillemots (Cepphus grylle) are the only Icelandic auks with a black breast. These birds were on Flatey Island. They nest in crevices between boulders.

black guillemot swimming eggs of black guillemot black guillemot black guillemot pair of black guillemots flapping wings

black guillemot

Mixed colonies of Brunnich's and common guillemots breed on the bird cliffs of west iceland.

Brunnich's and common guillemots

Brunnich's guillemots (Uria lomvia) are a rather large auk with a white stripe on the edge of the upper mandible.

Brunnich's guillemots Brunnich's guillemots

Brunnich's guillemot pair of Brunnich's guillemots with egg

Common guillemots (Uria aalge) are similar but have dark streaks on their flanks. They may have a white ring around the eye with a white line running backwards and down.

common guillemot common guillemot

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