Sea Slugs

Sea slugs are among our favorite subjects.

If you find them interesting go check out the Sea Slug Forum, where the world's experts congregate.


Phyllidiopsis shireenae Chromodoris boucheti Chromodoris boucheti Phyllidia ocellata Phyllidiella zeylanica Phyllidiopsis shireenae Chromodoris africana Chromodoris boucheti Phyllidiella zeylanica Chromodoris hamiltoni Phyllidia varicosa Chromodoris hamiltoni Hexabranchus sanguineus

Nudibranchs range from smaller than a fingernail to the length of your forearm, and come in many colors.

Headshield Slug

Chelidonura electra

This was the only headshield slug we saw. It is almost entirely white.


Pseudoceros lindae Pseudoceros bifurcus Pseudocerus cf. laingensis Pseudoceros cf. lindae Pseudobiceros gloriosus

You would expect an amimal called a "flatworm" to be uninteresting, but underwater worms are beautiful.

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