Assomption is a high limestone island 700 miles south of Mahe and 17 miles south of Aldabra. The island is 7 miles long by 2 1/2 miles wide, covering 4 1/2 square miles. It was home to a huge bird colony until a guano mine opened in 1840 which destroyed the vegetation. The originally abundant green sea turtle population was heavily exploited; only a remnant population survives. Assomption has a landing strip which is the closest access to Aldabra.

threadfin butterflyfish school of bluestripe snappers bluestripe snappers tridacna clam black pyramid butterflyfish Mauritian anemonefish emperor angelfish checkerboard wrasse finger coral Mauritian anemonefish in carpet anemone hawksbill turtle over staghorn coral guineafowl puffer regal angelfish coral grouper potato grouper crinoid sleeping ember parrotfish coral wall with striped large-eye bream striped large-eye bream over coral raccoon butterflyfish coral and anthias red firegobies freckled hawkfish black-spottted puffer Meyer's butterflyfish checkerboard wrasse humpnose bigeye bream Indian doublebar goatfish sub-adult oriental sweetlips

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