Philippines Photo Gallery: Anilao shrimps

We took an underwater photography trip to the Philippines in December 2016.

NOTE: We are not experts on these animals; if we have misidentified an animal or if you can identify one we could not, please email us and we will correct it.

Shrimps are decapod swimming crustaceans. Shrimps have thin fragile legs which they use primarily for perching.

brownstripe hydroid shrimp, Rapipontonia paragalene


Periclimenes venustus


translucent gorgonium shrimp, Manipontonia (Periclimenes) psamathe

shrimp shrimp

Periclemenes amboinensis

shrimp shrimp

Periclemenes holthuisi


Ancylomenes holthuisi

shrimp shrimp

Dasycaris zanzibarica

sea-whip shrimp

Long-nosed rock shrimp, Leander plumosus

shrimp shrimp

popcorn shrimp (Ambonian shrimp), Thor amboinensis

popcorn shrimp

black coral shrimp, Pontonides unciger

sea-whip shrimp

The banded coral shrimp is a shrimp-like decapod found worldwide in tropical and even some temperate seas. It is a cleaner shrimp.

banded coral shrimp, Stenopus hispidus

banded coral shrimp

Harlequin shrimps feed on starfish.

harlequin shrimp, Hymenocera elegans

harlequin shrimp

White-headed shrimp, Periclemenes kororensis

white-headed shrimp

Coleman shrimps live symbiotically with sea urchins. They have hooks on the ends of their walking legs to attach themselves to the spines of the sea urchin.

Coleman shrimp, Periclemenes colemani

Coleman shrimps

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