Philippines Photo Gallery: Anilao shells

We took an underwater photography trip to the Philippines in December 2016.


Fluted oyster, Pycnodonta hyotis

zigzag oyster zigzag oyster

Fan-shell scallop, Atrina pectinata


The endangered giant clam is the largest living bivavle mollusc. Thye live in flat coral sand or broken coral.

Giant clam, Tridacna gigas

giant clam

Pedum spondyloideum


electric file clam, Ctenoides ales

fire clam

mussel oyster


snail snail

Cowries are marine gastropod molluscs (sea snails), most shaped more or less like an egg with a flat underside.

Tiger cowrie, Cypraea tigris


spindle cowrie, Aclyvolva sp.

spindle cowrie

Egg cowries, Ovula ovum


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Last modified 2 March 2017