Philippines Photo Gallery: Anilao nudibranchs and related animals

We took an underwater photography trip to the Philippines in December 2016.

NOTE: We love nudibranchs, but we are not experts on these animals. If you find something we have misidentified or can identify something we couldn't, email us and we will correct it.

Nudibranchs are soft-bodied marine gastropod molluscs that shed their shells after their larval stage. "Nudibranch" means "naked gills". There are two main kinds of nudibranchs, aeolid nudibranchs and dorid nudibranchs.

Aeolids have cerata, no bronchial plume, no mantle, and may have zooxanthellae. Lacking separate gills, respiration takes place thorough their cerata.

Phyllidia cf elegans

Phyllidiella pustulosa

Phyllidella granulata

Phyllidia ocellata

Phyllidia varicosa

Phyllidia picta

Pteroeolidia ianthina

cf Eubranchus mandapamensis

Doto sp.

Aegires villosus

Polycera sp.

Cratena sp.

Flabellina bicolor

Facelina sp.

Flabellina exoptata

Doto ussi

Favorinis tsuruganus

Phyllodesmium briareum

Dorids have a bronchial plume (gills) and mantle. They eat sponges, tunichates, bryozoans, or other opisthobranchs.

Chromodoris annae

Chromodoris elizabethina

Chromodoris magnificata

Chromodoris strigata

Chromodoris hamiltoni

Chromodoris lochi

Chromodoris willani

Phyllidiopsis annae

Chromodoris dianae

Chromodoris kuniei

Glossodoris cincta

Risbecia tryoni

Nembrotha sp.

Hallaxa sp.

Nembrotha chamberlaini

Nembrotha purpureolineata

Funeral Jorunna, Jorunna funebris

Chromodoris preciosa

Chromodoris reticulata

Ceratosoma alleni

Phyllodesmium crypticum

Nudibranch eggs:

egg mass egg mass egg mass egg mass egg mass egg mass egg mass with predators


Berthellina delicata

pleurobranch pleurobranch

Head-shield slugs:

Siphopteron sp.

headshield slug headshield slug headshield slug headshield slug

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