Madagascar Photo Gallery: Nosy Be

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Nosy Be is an island about 8 km off the northwest coast of Madagascar. It is the country's largest and busiest tourist resort. The population is about 75 thousand. The island's main town is Andoany (Hellville).

beach yachts dugout canoes fishing boat sailboat village street boats hauled out children playing on boat shop food stall cooking gear shop boats chameleon harbor sunset teens on street, with rollerblader sailboat sunset palm trees sunset harbor sunset chameleon


Dive shop

hauling tanks Charlotte boarding Charlotte in van dive shop dive shop dive master dive boat dive briefing

Underwater scenes

coral head and fish soft coral and fish diver over reef coral wreck and batfish wreck and fish fish on wreck fish on wreck fish on wreck anemones trumpetfish and seafan bivalves unicornfish cleaning station fish and coral giant clam coral head

Schools of fish

coral and school coral and school barracudas school school school school school school school


damsel fish sweetlips cleaning station fish crocodile fish angel fish angel fish unicorn fish clown fish angel fish sponge coral closeup clownfish in anemone lionfish puffer tunichates unicorn fish hawkfish flame goby lobster and flatworm fish and fan


nudibranch nudibranch


The highlands are a montane rainforest remnant and are home to the black lemur, Eulemur macaco, the most extremely dimorphic of all lemurs. Males are all black with bright orange eyes, while females are chestnut brown with white ear tufts.

male black lemur female black lemur

Ylang-ylang (Cananga dorata), originally from Indonesia, is grown for its highly-fragrant essential oil, extracted from its flowers by steam extraction. The essential oil is used in aromatherapy and perfume, and in Madagascar is also used to flavor ice cream. The tees are pruned to keep the leaves and flowers within easy reach.

ylang-ylang ylang-lang harvest ylang-ylang processing still

kitchen of lodge gecko view forest road lake view view sunset view horned spider female chameleon hiking road forest rocks and forest male chameleon road ox cart pedestrians female chameleon male chameleon Domaine de Florette sunrise breakfast

Night walk

spider spider spider spider spider cricket spider closeup spider spider closeup moths spider slug spider spider cricket spider gecko praying mantis

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