Madagascar Photo Gallery: Bemaraha National Park

Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve is in northwest Madagascar's Melaky Region, 150 km north of Morondava. The southern part of the protected area is Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. The needle-sharp tsingy are on cliffs over the Manambolo River. The park centers on two geological formations, the Great Tsingy and the Little Tsingy. Together with the adjacent nature reserve, the park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the second largest protected area on Madagascar, with the island's largest pinnacle karst. At the southern edge of the park the Manambolo River has cut a spectacular gorge through the limestone. The area is only accessible during the dry (winter) season. Access is via Bekopaka. The park hosts eleven species of lemurs, 90 species of birds, and over 50 reptile species.

Grand Tsingy. Some of these formations are several hundred meters tall!

park sign trail sign rocks fossil Charlotte and liana Paul hiking strangler fig trail cave entrance Paul on top tsingy tsingy tsingy Paul on top Paul photographing cactus flower tsingy tsingy and feet Paul climbing down cave in cave cave cave cave cave exit tsingy suspension bridge suspension bridge bridge and Charlotte Samberging tsingy cactus flower rock rocksifaka sifaka eating papaya flooded road

Small Tsingy

sign small tsingy small tsingy small tsingy porters and guides vegetation small tsingy closeup of tsingy small tsingy tsingy and vegetation tsingy ladder

Paul climbing tsingy tsingy

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