Madagascar Photo Gallery: Andasibe

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park (Parc National d'Andasibe-Mantadia), about 150 km east of Tana, protects an area of primary-growth rainforest. The park consists of relatively-remote Mantadia National Park and the Analamazoatra Special Reserve near Antsapanana, known locally simply as Andasibe, the name of the nearby village. Andasibe is best known for its population of Madagascar's largest living lemur, the indri.

Merina villages

The Merina are the dominant highland Malagasy ethnic group, occupying the center of the island, Imerina. They are an Austronesian people, arriving on Madagascar about a thousand years ago. Rice is their most important crop. Driving from Tana to Andasibe takes you through Merina lands.

market fruit lychees ducks rice paddies rice paddies rice paddies oxen plowing rice paddy terraces farm houses street scene valley village bus stop pedicab pedicabs street scene waterfall


The primary rainforest is home to the indris and other species.

stream hiking in rainforest rainforest rainforest stream lake rainforest

Vakona Forest Lodge

The lodge has eight double bungalows, seven triple bungalows, three twin bungalows, and ten family bungalows (for four people). It is about two and a half hours by car from Tana. It has a swimming pool, a game room, a large restaurant and bar, a horseback riding stable, canoeing, Lemur Island, and Crocodile Farm.

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bridge lodge patio lodge

Lemur Island

Maintained by Vakona Forest Lodge, Lemur Island is where you can get close to several lemur species. Lemurs cannot swim, so they remain on the islands.

Lemur Island Paul with ruffed lemur Paul with ruffed lemur brown lemurs lemur keeper brown lemurs on islandsland keeper with brown lemurs Charlotte with lemurs

Crocodile Farm

We visited the crocodile farm in order to see a fossa, since we knew we were not likely to find one in the wild.

fossa fossa crocodiles

Horseback riding

stable Paul Charlotte on the trail on the trail Charlotte

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